“Olive Tree Landscapes” Exhibition in Crete

If you happen to be in Crete you can visit my exhibition in the Orthodox Academy (in Kolymbari) until the 30/11/2014

Some images from the opening are here:

OA 1
Unloading sacks of olives for making oil in Zymvragou village (Western Crete)
OA 42
Break during Olive Harvest (Anoskeli village, Western Crete)
OA 4
Selecting olives (Zymvragou village, Western Crete)



R.O.T.H. group exhibition @ the Marriott Hotel Park Lane 31.10-1.11.2014

My work is part of CHANIaRT 2014 and will be exhibited at R.O.T.H.  (Reflections on Traditionalism & Heritage).

It is an exhibition featuring art by individuals from all over the world, that wants to showcase work themed on culture and traditional aspects Marriott Hotel, Park Lane London RedD PR with the help of a committee formed of a Curator, Art Critics and a panel of experts will select the work to be displayed in R.O.T.H. 

A Variety of art will be showcased at this event ranging from: paintings, photography, film, sculptures and installation art/video.

Artists and makers from various cultural backgrounds will be provided an open platform to display and communicate alternate traditions and heritages.

R.O.T.H. Poster The poster has been designed by Scripta Media:

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